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International Art and Communication Symposium

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International Art and Communication Symposium


Dear scientists and artists,


  While we announce The International Communication and Art Symposium that we will organize online on 4th- 5th September to you, we dream about questioning a new innovative practice that converges the disciplines of communication and art radically, with a collective mind in different languages. We know that if communication and art are at stake somewhere, there are numerous languages there, however, there are no unfamiliar languages for one another. We would like to discuss with you the languages that criticize “ the new normal” concept, which became a slogan in a period of a global pandemic when digitization has increased the spreading acceleration, with a communicative and artistic approach and express what ‘ the new’ actually means in digital, communication and art. This announcement is an initial step, word, and call for the group to come together which we expect will decide whether these processes stated ‘new’ are interpreted as only adjectives or one of the altered forms of digitization.

  International Communication and Art Symposium is open to all communicative, social scientific, and artistic perspectives: multi-disciplinary, post-disciplinary, disciplinary, or non-disciplinary that conflict or synthesize, balance or unbalance, connect or break similarize or differentiate between the traditional and the new. The works that process the new, the traditional, and the relation between them on behalf of refining the public space occupied by the sacred authority of the politicization of technique and instrumentalization are the main concepts of International Communication and Art Symposium. Thus, this concept contains the possibility of a way out to comprehend whether humanity thinking over the paradox of ‘post-traditional new’ will give an answer to the question of “post-new” darkness history as post-humanity, post-communication, and post-art or not.

  While the publications of abstracts of the scientific works, whose application process has been successfully completed, and the publications of full texts are guaranteed in the Book of Abstracts (with ISBN) and Symposium Proceeding Book (with ISBN), the transformations for article publications will also be accepted about to be evaluated in special issues of International Journal of Communication and Art, Post-a Social Sciences Journal and International Journal of Politics, Education and Communication. For artistic manifestos, the Booklet (with ISBN) and the publication options in the academic journals, which are the point in question, are open in case of demand.

  International Communication and Art Symposium involves online exhibition designs in various concepts for art objects. The mixed exhibitions that are open to motion visualization, steady visualization, and sound editing performances will be classified within the framework of art disciplines, concepts, and special interests. The Catalog (with ISBN) publication opportunities for the exhibits are available and the organizing committee is responsive to suggestions from the participants. The International Communication and Art Symposium, in which national and international participants who are qualified in their field take part, has been designed according to all academic promotion and associate professor application criteria. Every natural or legal person interested in communication and art fields, especially communication scientists and artists, is invented to the symposium.

With greetings and best regards…


Symposium organization committee.

Important Dates
  • 25 April 2021

    Starting date for sending abstracts and works for the exhibit:

  • 25 August 2021

    Ending date for sending abstracts and works for the exhibit:

  • 26 August 2021

    Announcement of accepted abstracts:

  • 27 August 2021

    Deadline of payment for accepted abstracts and works:

  • 30 August 2021

    Announcement of the Symposium Program:

  • 4-5 September 2021:

    Dates of the Symposium:

  • 17-24 September 2021

    Start and end dates for submitting the full texts on the Symposium Special issues of sponsor journals: